Bad Advice

Sometime in the spring of 1972 my mother sat on the back porch of her suburban home. She sat with her own mother, miserable and bereft at the state of her life.

She had a one year old baby, she was married, and she had a nice house. For 1972 she had everything she was supposed to want – but it wasn’t enough.

She married my father because she’d gotten pregnant and the the appellations “single mother” and “baby daddy” didn’t exist yet.

As she cried, beseeching her mother for advice that would soothe her misery and make her life better, my grandmother consoled her with this sage and sensitive advice,

You think I’m happy married to your father?”

In the annals of bad advice that one ranks right up there with, “It’s just a little iceberg,” last heard on the Titanic.

My mother was crushed and put her life on hold for another 10 years until she finally left my dad in one of the ugliest divorces on record.

When I say, “Anything worth having is worth the effort,” it’s important to note some vital qualifications. That effort should not be a death march. If it’s all you can do to get out of the bed in the morning you can be pretty sure you are NOT on the right path.

A sure sign you ARE on the right path is that despite the efforts involved you can’t wait to get to them. Your passion and your enthusiasm make all the work and sacrifice seem almost effortless.

Don’t make the mistakes my mother made. Don’t waste ten or more years of your life waiting for someday. If you are waiting, STOP! Every day is precious, don’t waste it. Follow your passions, pursue your goals. Not everyday will be roses and some days will still suck, but if you’re following you dreams your passion will carry you through.

To your imperfect perfection,


P.S. One of my passions is, of course, strength and fitness, but true fitness. True fitness is built on a solid foundation of functionality and an understanding of basic human movement, not flash and appearance.

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