As promised…

Okay, so I’m slow in getting these up, but here are some photos from building cold frames two weeks ago.

Here’s the back of my house in all it’s redneck glory.  The cold frames are snugged up against the south side of the house to best catch the southern tilt of the sun during the winter months.

So far I’ve constructed three frames.  Two are planted with spinach, leeks and chard.  The third is waiting it’s bed of rich compost to make up for the clay and rock substrata you see before you.

Here’s a detail of the swan door…

…and here’s the trailer chic frosted geometric pattern.

Here I am applying the sage advice, “Measure twice, cut once.”

This is a detail of constructing the back wall.  Here I’m applying the backstop which acts as a rudimentary hinge for the glass top.

This is the inside of one of the frames.  I’ve laid around two inches of compost as a seed bed,  I plan on adding to this as the plants need it but initially wanted to start with plenty of growing room.

I’d really like to make a how-to video when I make the next frame, but that may be a few weeks away.  Things get really busy around here during the holidays.  Three birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas all take up a lot of our time.  Nevertheless, there is much to do and I will post as often as I can.  Thanks for reading.


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