The Brazilian Get Up Test

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Back while I was in Sacramento for Mental Meat Heads 7 we discussed the importance of getting down onto the ground and then getting back up again. Dan even built a fun little warm up that involved nothing more than getting down and then getting back up again. Only he found ways to increase the challenge each time. Ask me about it in the gym, I’ll be more than happy to share it with you.

The inspiration for this came from a recent Brazilian study. The gist of which is that in populations between 51 and 80 predictions of death can be made based on how well you can get down and back up again.

It works like this. From a standing position you’re asked to get down on the ground and then return to that standing position. You start with ten points. A point is deducted for every extraneous limb that has to touch the ground for support and half a point for every wobble. Subjects who scored less than eight points were considered more than twice as likely to die in the next six years.

There are tons of articles going around about the study. Here’s one. And here it is presented in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, but if you’re not a member you’ve got to pay to read it.

I’m very excited that Dan has agreed to to present with us again at Mental Meat Heads 9. We’ll be in Austin, Texas this time and we’re scheduled for early April.

Stay tuned.

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