12 Rules for Life

Jordan Peterson has become somewhat of a controversial figure in our world today.

He is an author and clinical psychologist who teaches at the University of Toronto. He first received notoriety for a political stance he took against a piece of Canadian legislation that would mandate language in regards to transgender individuals. Because of that stance he was invited on the Joe Rogan podcast where I first heard him. He has since created his own podcast, been back on Joe's show several times, and, after the publication of his latest book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, been interviewed and publicized in just about every media outlet available.

Peterson's opinions are controversial to say the least. Many are upset by the things he has said and just as many applaud them. He's definitely a love him or hate him type figure. It is not for the controversy that I write this post but the content.

 I read his latest book a few months ago. His ideas are stimulating and have given me pause to reflect and think about my own life, how I lead it, and what I consider a life well lived. The book is a broken down into 12 rules. Over the next few posts I will tackle each of them and give my thoughts, what they mean to me and how I will try and implement them in my own life. I welcome your comments.

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