I’ve noticed this new thing in my Facebook feed lately. Friends of mine, specifically female friends of the yogic persuasion, have been posting pictures of themselves in various yoga poses wearing naught but a sports bra and yoga pants. It’s all part of an Instagram project started by two yogis, Thea Pueschel and Melissa Scott, set to run July 1st through the 10th. It’s entitled #noshirtnoshoesnoshame and its purpose is to combat the pervasive body shaming our culture indulges in. At first blush I was like, “Hooray!” I mean, who doesn’t want more female bodies adorning their Facebook feed? It’s … Read More »

Pottenger’s Cats

Ever heard of Pottenger’s cats? No, not Schrodinger’s cat, Pottenger. (What have these scientists got against cats, anyway?) Francis M. Pottenger, Jr. conducted studies on cats from 1932 to 1942. In those studies he tested the affect of raw and cooked food diets on the health and longevity of several subsequent generations of cats. His studies are often cited by those in the Raw Food camp as supportive of the Raw Food lifestyle and the dangers of eating “dead” coooked food. Essentially the results of his studies were that cats fed raw meat (one study) and raw milk and raw meat (another … Read More »

Of Big Rocks, Little Rocks and Exercise

I’m sure you’ve heard this story before, but in case you haven’t I’ll sum it up quickly. A professor walks into his senior level philosophy class the last day of school spring semester. He carries with him a giant, empty pickle jar and puts it on his desk. From under the desk he produces a box of large rocks and begins putting them into the jar. He manages three or four of them before he gets to the top of the jar, then he turns to the class. “Is this jar full?” Most of the class replies in the affirmative. … Read More »


The Mental Meat Heads group on Facebook has been a hotbed of activity this week and it’s gotten me very excited. At just over 700 members this group has been a labor of love for the past two and a half years. I started the group after our first Mental Meat Heads Workshop, in January, 2013. I wanted to create a forum where like minded fitness enthusiasts and professionals could share ideas, debate concepts, and, thereby, elevate the industry as a whole. Over time our ranks have steadily increased. My partner in all of this, Chip Conrad, has been a … Read More »