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We don't think you should buy into our programming here at Agoge Fitness Systems without first having a sense of what you're getting into. That's why your first session, either Private Personal Training, Group Strength Training or Kickboxing Conditioning is always FREE. Call us to set up your trial session today! (205) 706-3295

We Teach Determination, Focus and Discipline

Everyone has potential… What’s yours?

Agoge Fitness Systems is a personal training gym inside Lakeview Personal Fitness, in Birmingham, Alabama. We meet the needs of men and women, adolescents and adults in both private and small group settings.

We go beyond random WODs and standard workout routines. We train the body as a whole with an emphasis on strength and athleticism, using methods and tools that have stood the test of time. Free weights, kettlebells, leverage clubs, odd objects and our own body weight allow us to create a limitless array of challenging exercises to engage our minds and our bodies.

For us, fitness is more than just weight loss and trying to look better. Our focus is learning to be better, with the added bonus of knowing that in the process we will look better.

Who is Agoge?

December 19, 2014 Crisis and Opportunity

Hey there, Within the personal development and self-help communities is the cliched concept that within every crisis lies an opportunity. This idea is oft supported by the Chinese chracter for crisis which, it is pointed out, contains the character for opportunity. Not exactly the most empirical of supporting data, but it's a nice concept,...

December 17, 2014 Heart Rate Monitors

Hey there, One of the many new ideas I brought home from the last Mental Meat Heads workshop was the value of using a heart rate monitor in my workouts. Normally I eschew any type of measurements that lend themselves towards distraction, at ...

December 15, 2014 Fixing What's Wrong with the Fitness Industry

Hey there, If you're a part of my gym or have been on this list for any length of time, you know I'm a huge promoter of my good friend and fellow movement enthusiast, Chip Conrad. Chip really is my brother from another mother. Over the past ...

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